~Thank you for the kindness and flexibility you've shown us.  During times when we needed something or had concerns, you always provided a solution.  We are proud to say we were part of the Bright Beginnings family and we would not have chosen any other school to be part of ours.

~My daughter, who is now going on 15, went to Bright Beginnings when she was 2, 3 and 4 and I still see familiar faces - that says something about the staff of Bright Beginnings.  Loyal, compassionate and just great wonderful people.

~We have been blessed by all of you for your hard work, love, care, encouragement and kindness.  Thank you for the many, many years you have loved our children.

~I am very appreciative to have had a day care provider that I could trust.  We originally started at Bright Beginnings when we lived in Limerick, but decided to travel out of our way to keep our children in care there after we moved to Collegeville.  The only way I could continue working was to know that my children were happy, safe and well cared for.  The Center has a family feel to it as opposed to being a large national chain.  I would recommend Bright Beginnings to any family that was looking into day care. 

~You guys are amazing - and have been since day 1. Thank you!  Also - love the Facebook Page.  Pictures posted on there often make my day when I take a peek mid-day! Thanks!

~Your entire center has been nothing but warm, caring and welcoming to our family.  Although it was a hard transition for our child, both his teachers were always positive and loving.  Even with him being part time, I feel that he is a part of his room and included in all they do.  I have seen him grow to love school and his teachers and friends - something that has warmed my heart.  Thank you to everyone for accepting all of us, big brother included and for your flexibility and compassion, your time and your daily smiles!  You are a special gem of a school - well done!

~In today's world where there are so many options to choose from it is easy to stay loyal to Bright Beginnings and all of you.  We picked this child care center because we needed a great place for our child to grow.  As full time working parents, we often feel the guilt of not spending enough time with our son.  But the way he feels when he is in your care makes it that much more easy to deal with.  We can't be grateful enough for the peace of mind we get knowing that he is loved by all of you as much as we love him.  We will continue to be part of your "family" for as long as we can/need, and even after.  We often speak of how wonderful everyone is at Bright Beginnings ans we would always recommend you to all of our friends and loved ones.  Thank you for all that you do!

~I can't express in words how much Bright Beginnnings means to my family. The staff has always been so accomadating to our family and we really cannot thank you enough for that.  We actually moved out of the area, to Spring Mount in the summer of 2011.  Our good friends live just a few doors down the street, with the same tuition at another center.   We would rather drive 20 minutes to your Center than take her away from her favorite place and people.  I know we don't say it enough, but we truly thank you for all that you do, from the bottom of our hearts!