Our Staff
Ms. Amber & Ms. Monica are the Co-Directors of Bright Beginnings.  Ms. Amber started as the Preschool teacher in 2007, became Assistant Director in 2011 and fully took over directing Summer of 2014.  She has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from MCCC.  Ms. Monica started out in our infant room in 2007 and has worked in almost every room since then.  She took over the Director position January 2016.  She has her Bachelors Degree in Elementry and Early Childhood education from Kutztown University.

Infant Room Teachers
Ms. Samm has worked for Bright Beginnings since 2006.  She left BB for a short while when having her 2 sons, but has returned and now is head teacher in our infant room.  She has worked in almost every room through out her time here. 
Ms. Amarilys has been with Bright Beginnings since 2013, working in our toddler rooms.  She is our Infant room closer so you will see her at pick-up times.  She enjoys working with the babies.

Young Toddler Room
Ms. Amarilys is the head teacher in our Young Toddler classroom during the day. She also closes out our Infant room.  She enjoys working with the younger children.
Ms. Molly is the newest member of the Bright Beginnings team, joining us in August of 2015.  She works in the Preschool room in the morning and closes our our toddler rooms. 

Older Toddler Room
Ms. Brenda has been with Bright Beginnings since 2006.  She started as a teacher in the infant room.  In 2013 she moved out to our 2 year old room.  She enjoys this age and doing fun activities with the children. 

Preschool Classroom
Ms. Monica joined the Bright Beginnings family in 2007 as a floater.  She has worked in every room from the Infants to Summer Camp.  Ms. Monica is currently directing and teaching, sharing teacher responsibilites with Ms. Molly, showing her the ropes to eventually take over the classroom. 

Pre-K/Kindergarten Classroom
Ms. Deb heads up our Pre-K program.  She has been with us since 2000.  She has worked with our preschoolers and has been Pre-K teacher since 2009.  She has over 30 years experience with teaching!
Ms. Ginny has been with us almost from the beginning in 1995!  She works in our Pre-K room every afternoon.  She enjoys spending her time with her 4 & 5 year olds reading books, playing games, and singing songs!